Danny Newcomb & the Sugarmakers

Spokane at the Big Dipper this Friday -- Boise at the Vista Bar on Saturday 

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend, should be great shows both nights.  Friday night at the Big dipper with Kraken in Spokane, and saturday night in Boise at the Vista with our friend Jon Hale, and his band, Groggy Bikini.  We'll be playing at least one new song off the upcoming record, and are ready to hit the stage with a full truck of lead guitar and choruses that you might want to sing.  Thanks all, for your support -- D and the Makers!

Ok, Ok! Just getting to my lyrics! 

Never, ever seems like there is enough time, to take the slow, dig in route, where all the right bases are hit and everything comes out the way you want.  It gets there in the end, but still got a lot of work left on the new songs -- basics almost all in the can -- but now the vocals and final guitars ( which these days seem like icing on the music cake,) and lots of trips into the city to the studio.  Wrote a lot of the lyrics to All is lost on a ferry trip actually, so the traveling seems to be good at jarring things loose. There are a couple of chunky, herking rock songs on this one, and the vocals are coming along too.  thanks to all who came to the Sunset -- we'll be playing next in Spokane and Boise on the 17th and 18th of june, and before that, recording, recording, and the ferry!

best, Danny and Eric, Rick and Faith.

Sunset Tavern -- this Friday, the 13th!! 

Ok -- this is an old photo by John Jeffcoat who will be shooting us in a bit for a new pic.  Yes, this friday we are at the Sunset with The Garth Reeves experience, Strong suit, and then we're on to cap off a wild and hopefully lucky friday the 13th.  We'll be playing at least one new tune from the sessions and be looking forward to being back in that great sounding room -- been a while since we played there!  

Thanks to all of you, Danny and Co.

Everyday Music at 4 pm and Tractor Tavern at 9pm 

Yes!  We'll be in the record bins at Everyday Music on capitol hill in Seattle, playing a free Hockeytalkter showcase for all of you makers who want to join us!  Love playing in the stores -- kinda end up ad-libbing and things being a little more rock - n - ?  Come out!  We'll sign your cd or single!

Tomorrow night we'll be opening for the Dusty 45's at the Tractor in Ballard, going on at 9pm sharp, so don't come late if you want to catch us!  There will be some lead bass and some lead guitar.  And yes, I'll play Luckiest Man.

Best, Danny

Spokane! this saturday -- record store day and Jone's Radiator with Buffalo Jones! 

Looking forward to busting out double-eagle western shirt this weekend, courtesy of my friend Amy -- Me and the Sugarmakers will be in Spokane, playing bob Gallagher's 4000 holes on record store day.  He introduced us to Buffalo Jones, a great Spokane band that we're playing with that night at Jone's Radiator.  Kathy Moore is sitting in on Keys and some guitar, and we'll be turning up the Masterwish!  Come out and see us -- first time out to Spokane!


Playing the Record exchange in Boise, April 1, at 6 pm 

Thanks to all of you at the last show, had a great time at the triple door, made some money for Mary's Place, got to play with the amazing Carrie Akre and it felt good to be a bigger stage!  Nice to talk with a lot of new people who like the music.
  Fatih and I will be doing a set in Boise at the Record Exchange at the beginning of the Treefort Music Fest next week.  Going to be some friends there, and if you live anywhere near there, come on out!

See you soon, Danny


Music Millennium in Portland Ore. this saturday, 3pm at 3158 E Burnside St 

A big thanks to all our friends who came out to Sonic Boom last sunday!  We had a good set, and sold some discs -- starting our travels playing in stores to support the record and meeting You!  This saturday we'll be playing at Music Millennium in Portland Oregon, which is great.  We'll start at 3pm.  We're playing in the store at 

3158 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214.  Alright!

We've got some friends down there and are looking forward to it.!  

Sunday Faith and I will be playing an in store in Eugene at Skip's Records -- a great local store -- at 3 pm.

thank you, Danny and Co.




Masterwish out in the UK, Europe and US December 11th!
Thank you, Think Indie, distribution and Cargo

Masterwish cd now out at Easy Street Records and a few signed singles too!

Masterwish now available for purchase on Amazon:
Purchase Masterwish on Amazon 


Pretty in Red

by Danny Newcomb and the Sugarmakers

Sugarmakers love song for valentines 2016; Mike McCready plays a great solo, recorded by John Goodmanson. Feel free to download for free. Best, Danny
  1. Pretty in Red
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Danny Newcomb and the Sugarmakers

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