Danny Newcomb & the Sugarmakers

All the Way out nationally in december, available on our bandcamp page; we're happy to sign your cd or vinyl.

All the Way out nationally in december, available on our bandcamp page; we're happy to sign your cd or vinyl.

New songs and late nights... 

Just spent a few days at Studio Litho with Eric Corson at the board, and John Goodmanson hassling us a little as well.  One of the best sessions we've had since the band started -- the new material has some outer reaches of Rock n Roll, some Pop, some alt- country love and some acoustic.  It's going to be a beautiful record after I finish vocals and guitars next month.  Hope to have it out in the Fall if the vinyl gods are willing.....

Release show on Vashon 

Hey all -- we had a great time at the show last night!  It was a little relaxed in a good way, some extended jams, a quiet version of Complications, Ian Moore guesting some guitar on Masterwish, and we even played a new tune I wrote last week.  It was a way to say thank you to our people and a chance to release King Of Nothing, our new single out now on Hockeytalkter.  It is available through Pearl Jam online and a few seattle independent record stores.  Great to see you all last night, Cheers!

King of Nothing 7" on Hockeytalkter records, out 1/12/18 at Easy Street records 

2018!!  Our first show of the year, and we're going to be celebrating the release of our new single on Hockeytalkter records.  King of Nothing is the A side and Puzzle is the B -- we're going to be partnering with Easy Street Records on our show on the 19th.  we're playing a tiny bar, my favorite on the Island, called home sweet home, and its going to be a seriously intimate show.  If you buy a single at Easy Street you have bought a ticket for admission to the show, that simple.

    So, it's an island.  You have to take a boat, but hey -- that's part of the fun.  we start at 8, so there's plenty of time.  It'll be a unique evening with some lead bass!


thanks to Mr. McCready for putting another feather in our cap and playing such a great solo on King of Nothing!

Interview with Darrell Fortune -- 

Happy Thanksgiving from me and the Makers!!  We have a short phone interview airing tonight with Darrell Fortune on his True Fidelity show at NWCZ.com radio.  Talking about the upcoming national release of All the Way on December 8th, songwriting for our new one, and what makes me nervous!  Check it out on the radio if you haven't passed into a slumber -- you can catch it at the website if your family is staying over!

    I'll be playing the Last Waltz benefit for Northwest Harvest tomorrow night, sitting in on a Dylan song with some great musicians and people.  Nearly sold out!  Last year it raised 8 k for food for the homeless.  Happy to be a part of it again.


Once again, thanks from us, and here comes PIE

Playing this saturday up north at Capp's club 

Hey -- until december 8th, our vinyl is out at Easy street in west seattle and at shows.  We'll be playing at Capp's club in shoreline this Saturday at 9 pm.  Stacy Jones and her band are playing as well as Ian jones.  We'll be playing off All the Way, and some off Masterwish, looking to have a fun night at a new club.   Heard its a great joint in the north end, and we're happy to finally work in a date up there.  If you're done with your halloween candy, and want some Lemon chocolate we'll be serving up some CAKE if you know what I mean.  Seeya! D and R, and F.

thank you, Music Millenium! 

Great to head to Portland and play an in store -- thanks to Terry for having us and having our record up front in the store.  Also, just out -- our performance on KEXP!



Great show at the triple door! 

thanks to the Sugarmakers for freakishly fun set and to the audience  for showing up cheering them on. We'll be playing next at pier 57 for the Americana fest this coming Saturday at pier 57. You can watch us from the giant wheel......!  Danny, rick, faith, eric, and ryan. 

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Danny Newcomb in Pacific NW Magazine

January 28, 2016
Video interview with the Seattle Times - Pacific NW Magazine

Read the Article in Pacific NW Magazine

Danny Newcomb on King 5 TV

January 21, 2016
Interview with Margaret Larson on New Day Northwest / King 5

Danny Newcomb on King 5 TV

January 21, 2016
Danny Newcomb and his band "Sugarmakers" perform their new track "One Wish"

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Danny Newcomb and the Sugarmakers

Interview on NWCZ radio

An interview on NWCZ.com radio with Darrell Fortune about writing for All The Way and the national release, and what makes me nervous.

Goodness at Easy Street records in west seattle

west seattle

Goodness performing in store at West Seattle Easy Street, signing new vinyl release of first lp.

Free and all- ages

Danny Newcomb and the Sugarmakers

capp's club, shoreline, washington

we'll be playing with the Stacy Jones Band -- and (not related) Ian Jones opening up. Will be a bang-up night! Only show near Seattle in November. D

Danny Newcomb and the Sugarmakers

Big Dipper, Spokane

We will be returning to the Big Dipper to play with our friends Buffalo Jones --


Danny Newcomb and Carrie Akre

Walla Walla

Carrie and I doing our solo show -- Red Duet -- in Walla walla at Sleight of Hand Cellars for their wine dinner.

Danny Newcomb and the Sugarmakers

the triple door, seattle

We'll be playing with Kim Virant for her single release -- be a great night -- great sound in that place!