Danny Newcomb & the Sugarmakers

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signed copies at Easy Street Records. We're #1 on Vinyl sales thanks to all you!

signed copies at Easy Street Records. We're #1 on Vinyl sales thanks to all you!

Hockeytalkter. com! 

So, Here I am with my label boss, Mike McCready who is putting out our 7" vinyl single through his new label, Hockeytalkter this friday.  "One wish is the A side and "Sundays" is the B side, where he plays a tasty solo!  We're celebrating with a release show at Easy Street Records on September 4th at 7pm.  It is all-ages and we will have cd copies of Masterwish on sale and most likely a few copies of the Hockeytalkter single, and we will be hanging out and chatting with folks.  Thanks Mike!

CD Release Show 

If you squint, and look for the sparkle, you will see them: a couple of golden eggs behind the geese.  This was an alternate shot I was thinking of for my record cover.  In the end, it didn't feel right to me -- the songs felt like more of a city-scape and the pace too fast for the geese.   Tonight the Sugarmakers  and I play our cd release in seattle, and will have hard copies in hand.  12 songs, finished.  It has been a great bit of work in every sense of the word.  
Look forward to seeing you soon, if not tonight,  Danny

Hockeytalkter and Kexp and Old Seattle 

Hockeytalkter is going to announce a presale for the vinyl 7", One Wish / Sundays, so check out their site on Facebook starting next week for details  -- it is their first release and I am proud to be it!
   Just got new stickers made up after giving them away at the last few shows -- promptly put one on the old f150 -- helps the paint job a little bit, I think.  Hides at least one dent.  I got to keep up appearances in Seattle these days with all the bling going on, and all the money being made.  The nice thing about driving an old pickup is people let you merge.

Kexp has been awesome!  Kevin Cole has played Masterwish almost everyday in the Afternoons, and John Richards has thrown some "Sundays" in in the morning show.  Now that is some Seattle love, right there!  Please check in with the station if you have a chance and request a song!  Scheduling a live --in studio performance, will let you know as soon as I do.

Thank you,  Danny

Release of Masterwish! 

Hey friends -- Whewwww!!  Sooo glad that we finally saw the digital release of the recording through this week.  It's been a long journey getting our debut record out there!  But that's the whole point -- it doesn't  mean anything if you can't hear it -- and that of course is the whole reason we made it…..  I'll be putting out a couple of b-sides in the upcoming weeks and we'll have the vinyl 7" for sale soon -- presale on Hockeytalkter's website in the next week or so, and we will have hardcopy/cd versions of the album at the release show on the 21st of this month at the Tractor.  Thank you for buying, listening to the record!!

all the best, Danny and Rick, Eric and Fiia.

"All the Way" is available for pre order in a limited edition of 250 red vinyl.  In stores at our album release August 11 at Easy Street Records


Danny Newcomb in Pacific NW Magazine

January 28, 2016
Video interview with the Seattle Times - Pacific NW Magazine

Read the Article in Pacific NW Magazine

Danny Newcomb on King 5 TV

January 21, 2016
Interview with Margaret Larson on New Day Northwest / King 5

Danny Newcomb on King 5 TV

January 21, 2016
Danny Newcomb and his band "Sugarmakers" perform their new track "One Wish"

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Danny Newcomb and the Sugarmakers

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Danny Newcomb and the Sugarmakers

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Danny Newcomb and the Sugarmakers

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Danny Newcomb and the Sugarmakers

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