Cold Release!!

Been some crazy hours at Studio Litho in Seattle, getting the last tracks done -- 14 tracks!! now off to the golden ears of John Goodmanson for the next couple weeks for the final mixing.  The last 3 songs we cut, Burning Brightly, 14 Days and the potential single: Cold Release with Fiia Mcgann singing with me, came out better than I'd hoped and were a little like opening different shaped christmas presents full of things that I had no idea I wanted.  Eric Corson engineered, John Goodmanson stopped by and brought his 1970 les paul that I usually do leads through cause its got some strange juice, and Eric Eagle slayed with Rick Friel playing some lead bass that made the roof shake.  the Sugarmakers always record live in a big room, but Cold Release was recorded at Eric Eagle's small studio, for a more personal sound.  We tracked the entire song and all vocals in a day.

   We'll be announcing our record release date and show in February in a week or so.  You're going to want to get tickets as it is going to be in a special small space, and will sell out quick.  After that we'll be heading down to california for some dates and then hopefully over to europe.  Love, to all of you -- Rick, Eric and Danny

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