King of Nothing 7" on Hockeytalkter records, out 1/12/18 at Easy Street records

2018!!  Our first show of the year, and we're going to be celebrating the release of our new single on Hockeytalkter records.  King of Nothing is the A side and Puzzle is the B -- we're going to be partnering with Easy Street Records on our show on the 19th.  we're playing a tiny bar, my favorite on the Island, called home sweet home, and its going to be a seriously intimate show.  If you buy a single at Easy Street you have bought a ticket for admission to the show, that simple.

    So, it's an island.  You have to take a boat, but hey -- that's part of the fun.  we start at 8, so there's plenty of time.  It'll be a unique evening with some lead bass!


thanks to Mr. McCready for putting another feather in our cap and playing such a great solo on King of Nothing!

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