Were planning on our new record release this winter -- #3!!

Hey All, crazy, crazy with working on new tracks and thinking Im done and then having to touchup a little guitar here, rewrite a verse, but now were down to our last session at Stone's studio Litho in Fremont at the beginning of October, so we'll be starting to make a little noise around the hollidays with a single or two and a video and  a release show (TBA)!!  Its going to be a humdinger of  a record, if I do say myself and I cant wait for it to be out.  But first, we'll be doing another indie campaign for vinyl with some very special perks for people who want to get an uprfront copy and support us.  (I'll be talking about that more in the next few weeks, but it's going to be a super special event AND a copy of the vinyl --)  So stay tuned here, and catch our last few shows: Harvest Festival on Vashon October 13, and then a show with our friends Big Wheel stuntshow in Tacoma at the awesome Jazzbones on December 14th.  November 23 I'll be playing the Last Waltz tribute show to support Northwest harvest at the Neptune Theater.


Love, D

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  • Chris Witham

    Chris Witham Seattle Wa

    Looking forward to the new music

    Looking forward to the new music

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